Hole on roof

All of your leaks will be discovered

Have your roof professionally inspected for leaks by the experts who know where to look.


We perform a variety of tests to discover the leak

No matter how big the leak and repairs, we will work with your homeowner's insurance policy. Many tests can be done on your roof to determine leaks and avoid a costly replacement.

  • Wind uplift testing
  • Tile uplift testing
  • Fastener uplift testing
  • Roof moisture surveys
  • Forensic roof analysis

Extend the life of your roof

Avoid rot by having your roof repair as soon as a leak is noticed. This will help to save your roof from an early replacement.

Rot can get into structural parts of your home and wreak havoc. Stop this problem before it starts with a leak test.

Man fixing the roof


Have your leaky roof repaired today. Call now for a FREE estimate!


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